The Hero Dies

Scene - Death of Roy Batty in the Blade Runner

Oil on canvas with integral frame 18.5 X 35"

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The Hero Dies Framed 3L

closeup hair nose fine art oil painting
closeup Ear fine art oil painting
closeup fingers L
The Hero Dies Frame L


I could only imagine this scene done in an old master style. The rain, lighting, and theme cried out for the depth that many layers of glazing creates. It's a time-consuming process, however, the results are worth it. Also, I really liked the idea of that style having a motion blur in it. As far as I know, this is the only old master style oil painting with a motion blur.

If you haven't thought about it, one of the most interesting things about Blade Runner is that Roy Batty, the Replicant, is the hero. He's a slave that's escaped and all he wants is "more life" and to protect his friends. He lives and dies in the film as a free man that no one can stop. Meanwhile, Decker is a professional assassin who's charged with killing (retiring) them all. Decker's "almost last act" is to spit in Roy's face while Roy is saving him. Date raping Rachel wasn't terribly heroic either. Or shooting an unarmed woman in the back... Watch it again and see what you think.



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