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The Hero Dies Framed oil painting fine art

The Hero Dies  
The death of Roy Batty in Blade Runner.  
Oil on canvas. 14.5 X 32"
Eric May 2015

Mashup of Fine Art Tradition & Pop Culture

What's Your Favorite Movie?
What was Your favorite scene? 
That's the idea behind the Painted Scene series.

The Painted Scene series is a fusion of the oldest tradition of Fine Art and our contemporary culture.

Fine Art Tradition:
Historically almost all Fine Art was commissioned by patrons to visually capture a scene of their favorite story. Often a religious theme or displaying a historical family victory. But, always intended to impress the viewer with patron's ideals.  

Pop Culture:
Today those favorite stories are most often portrayed on the silver screen.  

Massive Collaboration:
One of the intriguing things about painting a scene from a movie is that it becomes a truly massive collaboration. Writers, directors, actors, lighting engineers, set designers, costume designers, and on and on... Watch the credits, there are hundreds of people who had a hand in creating that scene. 

Now you, the patron, have reduced a hundred plus years of movie making down to 1/32 of a second and said "This is the best that ever was."

Then I'm adding my artistic style on top of all of that. 

As I said, a truly massive collaboration!

Mashing up tradtion and pop culture:
This series was conceived to create a fusion of that historical Fine Art tradition and contemporary narratives. 

The result is an oil painting that is easily accessible to almost any audience. When recognized it creates an immediate connection between the viewer and owner. If not immediately recognized, it's a great conversation starter. While not everyone is comfortable talking about art...  Everyone can talk about their favorite movie.  

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