Building Steam

Building Steam

Building Steam

Quintessentially Steampunk. This is my love letter to all things Steampunk. Brass valves, copper pipe, Edison bulbs, brass inlays, and brass plaques that have been aged to read "Building Steam." Just a really fun piece that took on a life of its own while being built. Look at the original drawing to see how far it evolved. Things just kept getting more ornate and more complicated. Which is pretty much the essence of Steampunk. The other fun bit on this one is I invented the French Cleat for hanging it securely. Unfortunately, French shipbuilders had already invented it in the 1800s. So no patent there... Reinventing the wheel is also very Steampunk. 


Additional Photos: click to enlarge. 

Building Steam Guages L
Building Steam Dimensions L
Building Steam Letters L
Buyilding Steam side lamp L
Building Steam Sketches L


Price: $2,875
Free shipping in the continental US.

All artwork is one of a kind.

If you wish to commission something similar, feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dimensions: 78"x12"x9" 

Electrical: 120V, 4x40W Edison style dimmable bulbs 

Bulbs: Standard ED76 medium base, incandescent, squirrel wire, 40W, 2000K (very warm),  Average life 3000hrs
You can change out bulbs for 40 or 60w dimmable LEDs if desired, which have a much longer life. Information on where to purchase replacement bulbs will be provided. 

Woods: Walnut, Cherry, antique Oak

Metals: Brass, Copper, and Iron


17 September 2019