Corona Cabinets

Corona Cabinets

Corona Cabinets

During the Corona Lockdown of 2020, I decided I needed some shelves in my shop. Then I saw the Studley Toolchest... and I started obsessing over it. I had to build my own for all the antique tools I'd restored. As that wouldn't really look right with shelves, the shelves evolved into cabinets. Since we were in lockdown, I had to design and build everything with materials I had on hand. 


Corona Cabinets bow front 2
Door open
Tools closed
Tools open
Left drawers
right drawers
corona cabinet sketches L


The cabinets were built from reclaimed Cherry hardwood flooring.  The shelves in the cabinets are Baltic Birch faced in walnut. I used brass screws throughout. The drawers are all 100lbs weight rated and made from Baltic Birch and faced with Walnut, Maple, and Poplar. I used solid brass pulls. 

May's Toolchest 
My Studley Toolchest. I really wanted this area to stand out, so I decided to build my first bow front door and drawers. Again since this was all done with materials on hand I used 3 Walnut logs I had on hand. Firewood to bowfront drawer and door was quite the experience, especially since if I made any mistakes I didn't have anything to fix it with. I also incorporated Green Heart into the drawer to tie in with the horizontal lines of the cabinet drawers. This is probably the only piece I'll ever make with Green Heart, as it's lethal. The sawdust causes respiratory, neurological, and cardiac problems and splinters go septic. I now call it bunny suit wood, because the only way you can work with it is in a bunny suit and full respirator. 

Hanging Tools

The interior is 2x3' and holds 280+ tools. Tools are all suspended on 1/4" brass posts I made and inserted into holes I drilled. Drilling over 40 perfectly perpendicular holes was also an interesting challenge as it's too big to fit on a drill press and they all have to be perfect or tools won't hang properly. The cabinet has  2 swingout gantries to expose the second layer of tools. At the bottom, there are 4 pullout bit holders. These are all a combination of walnut brass and other exotic woods. Finally, I wanted a bit more light in this area, so it has hidden LED lighting to show off all the tools. The bow front "glass" is acrylic as glass and shops don't mix well. 


25 June 2020


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