Drop Out (The Simpson's Movie)

Drop Out (The Simpson's Movie)

Drop Out

Another from the Favorite Scenes series. How do you do a painting of an animated scene? I decided "paint by numbers" was the look and feel. First I painted all the black lines. Then mixed plenty of colors to paint everybody completely flat and all exactly the same colors. The colors were a serious challenge as everyone knows exactly what the Simpsons colors are. And they basically don't exist in the oil paint pallet. As I recall there are only 10 colors in this whole piece. The only shading is a lamp black glaze. The only impasto in the whole piece is in the painting in the painting. This one really works better in person, where the distortions of the scene start wrapping around you.


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Simpsons FrameL
Homer closeup L
Painting in Painting Closeup L
Bart Lisa Maggie close up L


Price: Sold Commission

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Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 32"X19"

Custom Frame: Nasty plastic-covered wood to look like a TV with Walnut inner frame


15 August 2015


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