Nemo's Grand Kraken Chandelier

Nemo's Grand Kraken Chandelier

The Grand Kraken Chandelier

A brass monster with an equally monstrous name. Like most of my pieces, this one took on a life of its own and evolved along the way. Which I consider being one of the things that separate Art from furniture. The chandelier is primarily brass and cherry wood. The brass gear on the bottom is steel that has been hand plated in brass. As a piece like this takes a long time to create, one has plenty of time while working for the story to develop...

The Story of Captain Nemo's commission of the Grand Kraken Chandelier.
The Grand Kraken Chandelier was originally commissioned by Captain Nemo to hang in the library of the Nautilus and commemorate the victory over the mighty Kraken.  However, as with many of his endeavors, Nemo was eventually wracked by guilt and had it taken down. The crew of the Nautilus then took it to their quarters and added an old pulley to make it hang at the right height over the mess table. Where it has remained for over a hundred years. 


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Kraken below 2 L
Kraken Gear 1 L
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Price: $4,500
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Dimensions: 50" X 25"

Bulbs: 300W total, 6 x 61/2" Edison bulbs 40W and 1 x 10" Edison globe bulb 60W

Materials: Brass, Cherry, wrought iron, Oak pulley

Installation: IMPORTANT: Chandelier must be hung from a braced chandelier electrical box as it weighs well over 50lbs. 


26 September 2020