New Perspective (Joe Vs The Volcano)

New Perspective (Joe Vs The Volcano)

New Perspective

This painting is also from the favorite scenes series. I really love the fact that no one ever pics a "movie poster" scene.  This painting is from Joe Vs the Volcano when Joe is going back to work after being diagnosed with a lethal brain cloud. On the way, he notices a flower that's growing up through the cracks in the parking lot and has been trampled. He stops to pick the flower up and try to save it.  What I never noticed before it that while the flower looks good, it has no leaves. With no leaves, the flower is really dying or dead.  Makes a perfect metaphor for Joe later being offered the chance to "go out like a hero."  I'm also a firefighter, so I've got a soft spot for Joe's story.  


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flower closeup
cuff closeup
Joe Vs the Volcano Frame


Price: Sold

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Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 35"x15.5" 

Frame: Bamboo and Cherry


16 November 2016


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