Uneasy Rider (Easy Rider)

Uneasy Rider (Easy Rider)

Uneasy Rider

A truly iconic scene that has been taken to another level. As a biker, this had to be painted. Uneasy Rider is my first piece where the frame, or lack thereof, completely obscured the lines between painting and sculpture. The canvas rolls off the antique oak stretcher. The antique oak stretcher is finger jointed and represents traditional America. "They went looking for America but couldn't find it." The canvas edges are dyed to represent an American flag flying in distress.  The "flag" and stretcher are burned to char where the road is leading.  "The Hitcher" is on the "start or high end of this "road." Together these elements represent the decline of the ideal into the decent and fiery conclusion. Fun facts: there is more detail in this painting than there is in the movie. It took a lot of research to get this right.  In the movie, the hitcher is wearing a red bandana in the movie's photos it's green. 



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Price: $6,500

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Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 48"X25"


04 July 2017


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