Entrapment #2 (the backward painting)

Entrapment #2 (the backward painting)

Entrapment #2

I've always been intrigued by how people appear to be trapped in paintings, forever frozen in a moment. And so began the Entrapment or backward painting series. The painting is on the back of the canvas and the frame is also backwards. In this piece, the frame is roughly a 100 years old and shows signs of wood rot. I also used vintage oak for the stretcher and aged both the nails and the canvas. Only the subject is painted. The background is raw aged canvas. This piece is equally painting and sculpture. 


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Hair Glow 2 L
Shirt closeup 2 L

Entrapment 3 L


Price: $4600
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Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 32"X27"

Antique Frame


02 March 2018


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